Monday, September 1, 2008

Approaching with trepidation...........

The main reason for wanting a blogspot is so that I could share the Kingdom of God with others.
First of all, I aim to share what I have learned about kingdoms in general so that there is some understanding as to what they are.

We in America do not know about kingdoms or how they are operated because we live in a democracy. We have a president; we do not have a king. A president is replaced every eight years. A king lives on until he dies; then his kingdom passes on to a decendant. We have a say in our government or, at least, we have always thought that to be true; a kingdom decrees and the subjects obey or pay the consequences.

In the coming blogs, I will be sharing what I have learned as Myles Munroe teaches in his latest book; maybe, I will even recall the name of the book next blog.